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Winning Means Feeling Yourself!

An excerpt from the new book “I Choose Both”

First of all, a lot of theory and long stories.  It is like a carrot which the donkey will immediately reach, but then, oh, my! – along the way I have forgotten why I am going there.  Most books are built upon that principle, but the situation this time will be different.

This brief correlation of Twitter-length ideas represents the essence of many years of work.  It is not a description, it is a summary.  One point and dozens of experiences with achievements can be told here.  Each point hides victories, sweat and one’s ability to overcome oneself.  May this be of use to you, and may victories be dedicated to that which is most beautiful about you.



P.S.  I am without a mask while writing these lines.  Perhaps I am too direct, but that is who I am.  The thing that I know how to do best is to struggle.

  • Never agree with those who seek to speed you up.  Your rhythm is unrepeatable, and your opponent will always find it to be uncomfortable;
  • Only do those things in which you believe.  Things which lead you to believe that you can earn money or win quickly are useful only if you believe in them;
  • Your thoughts, plans of action and feelings are the only things that are correct.  Everything that is offered to you by someone else may be just a manoeuvre;
  • Put together a team of people for whom the area of activity means pursuing their life dreams.  Professionals who are skilful but do not believe in what they are doing are “empty suits”;
  • Battle is not work!  Victory is had by the person who is most desperate, with the greatest psychosis, and is prepared to take another step toward the danger zone;
  • Fear is not the strongest opponent, but it is the most complex one.  Be spontaneous, sudden, atypical and contradictory – at least pretend that these are your characteristics;
  • In any area, whether sports, business or relationships, a faithful person will win.  I am not being ironic in saying directly that faith is the highest power;
  • You can only have a viewpoint if you ignore rules and knowledge.  The only useful rules are the ones that you yourself have thought up;
  • The battle is over when the gong resounds, and a knockout is possible one second before it rings.  Always remember that – the patient person will win;
  • Play!  Act easily!  The result is what you feel right now.  Many victors feels like losers, but many people who have suffered a serious defeat sparkle once the process is over.
Andzejs Reiters

Kādreiz bij jāmācās piedošana tagad pieņemšana. Šī dīvainā īpašība būs nepieciešama ar katru dienu vairāk;)

by Andzejs Reiters

Andzejs Reiters

@Selegovskis Kad cīnos es it kā atgiežos pats pie sevis. Kad kādam no skolniekiem sāk izdoties tie ir svētki man pašam! Paldies Tev;)

by Andzejs Reiters

Andzejs Reiters

Šodien atsāku pasniegt Taizemes boksu: 17:00 Duntes ielas zālē, gaidu visus gan iesācējus gan pratējus!

by Andzejs Reiters



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