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I choose both, and I deserve them!

“I Choose Both” is not just the title of my new book or the subject of a seminar.  This is a lifestyle in which we say “yes” in our families, in our creative lives and our businesses.  It is possible, and it is possible right now!

A seminar participant once said to me:  “I understand you.  Even more, your approach seems nice to me, but it cannot be merged with real life.  Either I work a lot so as to ensure my rhythm of life or even wealth, or I finally turn to that which I like so very much by becoming an artist with less than serious or, to put it more correctly, unpredictable levels of income.  After all, you cannot want everything in life – these two things are incompatible!”



When we face such a dilemma, we often tell ourselves that we will do difficult work first and then do the things that we enjoy.  The secret here is not the technique, it is understanding the way in which you think.

There are peculiar and courageous people, there are lots of them.  When they hear this question, they immediately answer:  “I CHOOSE BOTH!”  This choice is based not on risks or extreme egotism, but instead in knowledge and experience which tell us that it is possible.


This unaccustomed lifestyle has very precise characteristics which, in time, will become your own personal properties.  You ideas about things will start to change.  Then you will be able to pursue your dreams.

Here’s a very funny story.  It would be comical if it did not contain a nugget of “pure truth”:

There was a businessman with whom I loved to work.  As a child, he dreamed of being a captain, and he wished that his house were on the water.  He wanted to engage in swordfights like a musketeer.  Today he owns a house on the water and several other homes.  To agree on a time to meet him, you have to find a place in his intense schedule.  It consists of swordfights, travel on his yacht, and his business, which is not just profitable, but also a process which provides him with happiness and excitement.  The main thing, of course, is that he is not really all that busy.  He simply does not want to waste his time.  After all, it is much nicer for him to travel with his family.

P.S.  This person was no millionaire when he started to work hard on learning how to capture the wind with a boat-sized yacht.

Before you can pursue such a lifestyle, you must review all of your attitudes toward work.  The first step in this “asset sheet” is to reduce all unnecessary activities.  Now get yourself a pen and a piece of paper.

Free Time for Me!

Our job today is to free up some time by separating between effective and ineffective things that we do.  We must be “merciless” in getting rid of unnecessary movements in our lives.  Please remember that results are found not in the amount of work that you do, but instead in the work which leads to results.  And so:

A.  Things which waste time have a utility coefficient which is low or non-existence:

1)  Things that you don’t like to do, e.g., a job that you hate;

2)  Things which others want you to do;

3)  Things which you do simply because it is customary to do so;

4)  Work that is always done in the same way;

5)  Delegating work to or co-operating with one or more people who are not imbued with the necessary skills or characteristics;

6)  Things that exceed pre-planned time limits;

7)  Phone calls;

8)  Everything that brings along duties, not love;

9)  Being ashamed about your own viewpoint.

B)  Principles of a high level of effectiveness – things which are worth doing:

1)  Things which ensure creativity and are playful;

2)  Things which help you to achieve not just the goal, but also your goal in life;

3)  (You may be surprised at this, but let me explain) Things which are impossible or, to put it more precisely, which other people think is impossible;

4)  Things which are similar to those done in the past by someone who is successful, whom you like, you is an authority, and who is courageous;

5)  Things which you can delegate or automate so as to save on resources (there are many such things);

6)  Things you simply get a kick out of;

7)  Things that do not break up your characteristics and represent a merger between those characteristics and your skills;

8)  Things which, while you are doing, lead you to feel enthusiasm or excitement (including sexual excitement);

9)  Things which delight not just you alone;

10)  Giving presents.

Each of these points will be reviewed in greater detail from the economic, bioenergy and social viewpoint.  These principles are based on a reference to the human being’s energetic and physical health.

Be healthy!

May all that you do help you to enjoy a healthy spirit, a healthy body, and the ability to learn about the possibilities of your soul.


Andzejs Reiters

Kādreiz bij jāmācās piedošana tagad pieņemšana. Šī dīvainā īpašība būs nepieciešama ar katru dienu vairāk;)

by Andzejs Reiters

Andzejs Reiters

@Selegovskis Kad cīnos es it kā atgiežos pats pie sevis. Kad kādam no skolniekiem sāk izdoties tie ir svētki man pašam! Paldies Tev;)

by Andzejs Reiters

Andzejs Reiters

Šodien atsāku pasniegt Taizemes boksu: 17:00 Duntes ielas zālē, gaidu visus gan iesācējus gan pratējus!

by Andzejs Reiters



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