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Hunters and Game 21. age

For thousands of years planet Earth was alive slower than the vibration frequency waves today. Earth has never before been the dominant unit of measurement of speed. The concepts of “the time” do withhold medieval man. Sows to yield to expect, harvested, processed, it is necessary to moderate work. It is life, which was dominant then. But in order to live in this still rapidly developing era requires quite different characteristics. It might even say - completely the opposite.

Neither company is not loved "upstart." They live differently. Glaring ever unable to work steadily, they are engaged in catching, the results obtained – goes all out about 100% in one blow, and then sleeping in, watching, overseeing the game field. 

gamblers, hunters and adventurers is a promoter of progress. But these heroes are posing the most problems and it is therefore very loathe peaceful people. Case that this category of people is Hunters both at the genetic code and after the reincarnation task. 
This feature, of course, is not related to hunting the strict sense. It takes the form of a specific lifestyle: spunk after attainment, patience, if the chosen direction is correct. Hunters cannot be forced to work reduced working hours. Hunter never buys leased item (unless it is working instrument), Hunter will work much more effectively in crisis situations than in times of peace, he never does not suffer (even most unfriendly environment), if located on yourself fragrant path, and ill even leave perished when someone in their will force companies to respect the rules. To avoid that we are talking about a specific Type, which it is correct, it would be fair to state that the nature of these two descriptions correspond to one person, only his various activities hypostases. Each time I do the right - took care of their child, fighting for your business is running on the date at lovers, defending the homeland - I feel supernatural forces. In contrast, the lanes do not love the job, meeting with the wrong people, the disease is absent. In wrong direction, because the disease more dramatic. It is not just about physiology. The human right activities to be identified: if, while on that path, you will feel power supply, an increase in sexual energy, desire to eat less healthy and hazard present, and the aim is correct. Each person is faced with a situation where he finds that there is any meeting, which clearly appears on schedule. At this point in time, all consciousness and energetic centers are opposed to someone go on the road, he will bring negations.

In this scheme have a number of energy-informational (energy informative) factors. A living, active human instinct or appropriate for the Hunter's talent is instinct, and it is in every person. Not a television remote control, but the fervor of life is a human success. 
Strong strategists millionaires, directors, representatives of non-commercial art, this gene is activated state, they are not living from hunting, it is a single energy flux. If this instinct in human is strong, but not in use it begins to destroy its own owner, or begins to affect his family, other people, leading to the storm. Therefore, in all unrealized hate for business people, or those that has found expression in his hunter instinct. 
You should not think that these properties have only business, with this kit possesses any. DRD4 gene wakes every person, if the rod use. 

Now look at these same properties schematically: 
Hunter's ability to sharply focus all energy on one point, despite fatigue or injury, has won - the currency of this publication, we call this "in game". Knowledge of energy transformation is the result of the transaction and the method of obtaining the victory. 

In summary, Hunter's features are: 
ability to observe, discern small details, 
think with the help of reflection, namely pass forces in place and at the time, where they will not bring results, 
High concentrations of the several factors simultaneously, 
the ability to burn for what I do now, 
100% of force application crucial moment, intuition - the actual moment of sensation, 
ability to suppress emotions, hide, 
to quickly change and adapting to change. 

Every man is faced with a situation in which the decisive blow, he sort of action that the common sense is impossible. When working on the rescue, I have had to see how a woman overturns car, even wood, which is located beneath her child, after recovering from the shock, do not take place. 
Everything needs to be done to wake these genes do, is to find factors, which you so much personally concerned about, harassed, a speech that reacted to the outside uncontrolled, creative and exclusive power to act. This operation can aim for a particular direction, and not explode, but aim and shoot. To learn how this emotion to summon a regular basis, must be a concrete symbol, which is associated with it: colors, music, body movement, fixed-frequency sound. The sign must be maintained "mailbox of on demand" and convert pulsed mode. That’s it - the product is ready.


Regardless of whether your game is a commercial event or a family provision, it is equivalent to the final - the yield. And, as we are remembered of ancient time’s legends, never fail to yield the shaman blessing for hunting, if it is alone, self-seeking activity. Force Hunter gives purpose - that a lot of openings, he drift their village, genus. 

In total, namely: 
100% = 90% gains in net income, hunter, and with it he can do whatever he wants. 10% is mandatory must be returned to the church (one direct, free choice). My good friend, who is a successful, international timber business, every year, takes one child from a third world developing countries and pay for his education to benefit all living in London. It requires only 10% of his profits, and yet his action on that knows only his friends, without any PR activities. 
If someone thinks that the tithe is not required and no joy in his head, then he is removed 20% game, jargon it is called a "black twenty '(loss, accident, theft, etc..), Where the nature of a count of its own shares. 
Subject to these proportions at any time during the transaction will be followed by success, but the hunter - health. It is business hygiene. 

Game sharing is no less important than the acquisition process. 
The biggest mistake, which I meet a business consultancy, is that the specific actors says, it is my honestly earned money, all I am just upset by energy aspiration, seeks to take away the money: the wife, secretary, staff, tax inspection, road police, favorite etc.. 
Hunting success is always composed of it, which is obtained, and no matter who looks at the hearth. 
Each time we recriminate inspiration employer (on whose existence sometimes does not), we can reduce your benefit amount. It is a practical energy informatics. 
Hunter and the game is highly related concepts, review their proportions, and success always stand at the "door of your Lexus." 

P.S. If you have a good appetite, and you'd like to earn very much, then you will have to acquire another, much deeper patterns. They will all depends on what you want to do with the findings and what egregors deal with the intent of your energy. 

Andzejs Reiters

Kādreiz bij jāmācās piedošana tagad pieņemšana. Šī dīvainā īpašība būs nepieciešama ar katru dienu vairāk;)

by Andzejs Reiters

Andzejs Reiters

@Selegovskis Kad cīnos es it kā atgiežos pats pie sevis. Kad kādam no skolniekiem sāk izdoties tie ir svētki man pašam! Paldies Tev;)

by Andzejs Reiters

Andzejs Reiters

Šodien atsāku pasniegt Taizemes boksu: 17:00 Duntes ielas zālē, gaidu visus gan iesācējus gan pratējus!

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